Yi He – Liu Xiang 2011

Liu Xiang 2011 – Meng Song  250 gram Puerh Tea

Yi He Liu Xiang 2011 Spring-Autumn blend, raw puerh cake

This is a tea that Yi He made last year from Meng Song gu shu. It’s actually a blend of autumn and spring teas, with about 60 -70 % spring tea. The cup fragrance is of fruit and honey. The tea has some light bitterness and an astringence that is evident, but not overbearing. The flavour has a sweetness accompanied by good shengjin. The huigan is good and appears rather quickly, leaving a sweet, pleasant feeling in the throat.

The broth is clear mid-yellow. The leaves are a nice looking, even colour. Mostly whole leaves with  minimal reddening of stems or leaves, and a good amount of tips.

The cakes were nicely pressed in Menghai – they come apart easily and the lack of leaf damage is evident in the pictures below.

See the slideshow below for more photographs.

If you would like to try a free sample of this tea (postage will need to be paid) please contact  Puerman at CreamofBanna.

Whole 250g cakes are also available for 140RMB each.

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