Yi He – Man Zhuan 2012

Man Zhuan Spring 2012

Yi He Cha Zhuang. Man Zhuan 2012 Spring Puer
Yi He Cha Zhuang. Man Zhuan 2012 Spring Puer

Here is the first of Yi He’s teas. It’s a first flush tea from 2012.

It is made from gu shu mao cha from an ancient tea garden in Man Zhuan.

Typical of the teas that the owner likes, this Man Zhuan raw Puer has a soft quality accompanied by a flavour on the back of the tongue and upper palate which is nonetheless quite thick, with a smooth fragrance.

There is  a slight bitterness on the surface of the tongue and that also just pushes into the upper-palate a little. The taste is rounded, full. The broth is smooth and sweet with a deep lustre and  a clear golden yellow tint.  As the steepings progress, one can feel the flavour is distributed evenly. With the flavour releasing consistently over time.

The tea has a floral fragrance which  is quite abstruse (nei xiang).  As Zhang  says, “It’s not like Man Sa or Yiwu tea  which has a more obvious fragrance.”

See the slideshow below for more photographs.

If you would like to try a free sample of this tea (postage will need to be paid) please contact  Puerman at CreamofBanna.

Whole 357g cakes are also available. Price 540RMB exc postage.

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