Yi He Cha Zhuang

Yi He tea shop is in the ‘Tea Village’ behind Jing Lan Hotel. It has been here for seven years and I have known the owner, Zhang Lao Ban Niang, for more than five of those. In that time she has gradually been making more of her own productions. She tends to prefer teas from Six Famous Tea Mountains area and Jing Mai. Teas that tend to be a little softer than typical Menghai teas. But she also likes Hekai tea.

yi he cha zhuang puer tea

In the last few years she has been sourcing tea from Man Zhuan, Yi Bang and a few other mountains in the Jiang Nei region, as well as Jing Mai and Hekai on the edge of the Bulang Mountains.  She also has some older teas from Liu  Da Cha Shan and Jing Mai. I will present a few of her teas here in due course.

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