Tian Yun – 2007 Bada, Zhang Lang

Bada Zhang Lang 2007 raw Puer tea


The dry cakes have a slightly more dense ‘leather and old books’ aroma than the Man Mai tea. The rukou is quite strong – a very distinct chenwei-which is more emphatic than the Man Mai tea. The flavour has some thickness, but still carries floral/vegetal aromas.

The tea has a little less bitterness and astringency than the Man Mai tea, accompanying  this softness, the aftertaste is a little slower than the Man Mai but lasts longer, and the tea produces a pleasing retro-olfactory hua xiang.

The broth is very smooth in the mouth and the huigan lasts extremely well.  The feeling in the throat is very pleasing. There is, after several steepings, a cooling feeling on the upper palate accompanied by some floral notes and with that, the mouth feels coated and oily. As with the Man Mai tea, the Zhang Lang has plenty of ‘legs’. We were well into the second kettle of water when we took a break for lunch.

The broth is very clear with a light brandy – amber hue. This generally is a very smooth well balanced tea that gives an excellent example of a Zhang Lan tea that has been well stored.

The broth photo is of the third steeping.

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As with the Man Mai tea, samples are available free of charge. 357 gram cakes and 250 gram bricks are for sale.

Email for prices

Tian Yun’s taobao shop is here: Tian yun

2 comments on “Tian Yun – 2007 Bada, Zhang Lang

  1. I am greatly enjoying this tea now, Mark. I am impressed with its’ lingering ability in the mouth and sinus. It is also nicely lubricating throughout the entire cavity and into the throat. There are also a lot of subtleties that keep you coming back to the cup… and the leaves last at length. Thank you for introducing me to this tea via the samples. I will definitely be requesting a cake from you,

    All the best,


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