Tian Yun – 2007 Bada, Man Mai

Bada Man Mai 2007 Raw Puer Tea

bada man mai old tree puer cake leaves after steeping

This Spring 2007 tea is classic Bada – softer than Bulang teas, but at the same time producing some weightiness. This is an interesting tea to compare with the Zhang Lang tea. They are quite similar in some ways, but with distinct differences.

The dry cake gives off aromas of leather, old books and the Man Mai tea is perhaps a little lighter in its fragrance. The wet leaves smell of camphor and the gaiwan lid and beixiang carry notes of lan hua (orchid) and mi xiang.  The huigan is quick – a little quicker than the Zhang Lang tea.

The third steep produces a cha gao aroma. There is a pleasant cooling sensation on the inner cheeks and upper palate,  and a retro-olfactory fragrance that floats up from the throat to the nasal cavity. The tongue feels pleasantly coated. The base notes are a little more defined than the Zhang Lang tea. The chenwei is less marked and the kuse a shade heavier.

The broth photo was taken of the 5th steeping, and after 3 kettles of water, this tea was still going strong: a fulsome flavour, still producing good fragrance and aftertaste, and the retro-olfactory aromas still lingering.  The broth also keeps plenty of colour.

The tea is available in 357gram cakes and a 250 gram brick. The brick was pressed this year (2012) from the same mao cha as the cake.

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357 gram cake is 860RMB + postage

Samples are free of charge, but postage needs to be paid.

Tian Yun have a shop on Taobao here: Tian yun

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