Tian Yun – 2007 Bulang Shan Raw Puer

A 2007 Bulang Shan Raw Puer Tea

bulang shan-2007-leaves

Here is another very decent tea from Tian Yun which gives a counterpoint to the pair of Badas.  As one would expect of a Bulang tea, the flavour is bigger, more fulsome, than the Bada teas. There’s some chunkiness to it,  accompanied by a stout ku wei that pushes up into the upper palate and sits on the back of the tongue.

It initially has a thick floral-honey fragrance with hints of chen xiang.  By the second kettle of water the tea is revealing some of its nuo xiang fragrance – reminiscent of fragrant sticky rice. The broth is very smooth and after a few steeps, the mouth feels nicely coated. The huigan is quick  and persistent and lingers along with a heavy miguo xiang – a honey-like floral aroma. I had drunk this tea a couple of times before, and like other Bulang teas, it responds according to how you treat it: If you steep lightly it is a very enjoyable, nuanced tea, but if you load up the gaiwan and push the steeping times, it reveals some rather more bullish qualities.

Energetically, the tea feels to sink well into the thorax, leaving a more corporeal feeling of weightiness than the Badas.

The broth photograph is of the fourth steeping.

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Samples are available free of charge. 357 gram cakes are for sale.

357 g cakes 950 RMB + postage

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