Tian Yun Puer Tea

tian yun puer tea  bulang shan puer cakeTian Yun is owned by a friend from a family of tea lovers.  With a father that worked at the Tropical Plant Garden, they are steeped in the botany and ecology of Xishuangbanna, and have, from time to time,  sourced and pressed their own tea.

They tend to favour teas from the south west of Xishuangbanna. They source quality mao cha that comes from trees that are from around 200 to 250 years old and up. The teas of theirs that I have drunk over the last few years are maturing very nicely.

I will present some of their teas here. They are classic, west of ‘Banna, Bulang Shan, Ban Zhang, Bada raw Puer teas.

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