Long Time Coming

Between last year and this saw something of a hiatus with CoB. Busy with other things and probably too many balls in the air. However, in the next few days I will get a post up that has been lingering for nigh on a year. JJT’s 2014 Da Ya – a tea from Man Zhuan. The big brother to Xiao Ya which was the last tea I posted about on CoB in 2014.


After that, I will make a start on some 2015 Spring teas. For more on the 2014 JJT ‘Da Ya’ go here.

Jing Jia Tang – 2013 Meng Song ‘Qing Sheng’

The first tea on CoB from Jing Jia Tang. A Spring 2013 raw gu shu from a small ancient tea tree garden on Zhu Hua Liang Zi.

jing jia tang meng song ancient tree raw puer tea

Meng Song is an area that has been known for many years for its particularly fragrant teas. This particular tea comes from a garden at an elevation of over two thousand metres.  Read more on this tea here